2016 Net Worth And Share Review – The conclusion

2016 Net Worth Review

Well that’s another year in the bag. Unlike many famous people, you and I managed to safely traverse the perils of 2016. It was a bumpy year with most big predictions made by the media turning out to be wrong. How has that effected my personal net worth, find out below. 

2016 Net Worth Success

In spite of the uncertainty of Brexit, the US election and various terror attacks, 2016 was a stupendous year for me.

  • I continued to enjoy employment even managing to bag a reasonably significant pay rise.
  • The value of my house rose above inflation.
  • My investments went well. They can be read about below.
  • Outside of my mortgage, I became debt free for the first time probably since I was 18 years old.
  • My student loan was completely paid off (without me noticing) and my credit cards were all completely clear.
  • I saved a sensible emergency fund for the first time in my life. It is now large enough for any unexpected costs which may arise.
  • I managed to save a good amount into my UK pension (401K) and saw some reasonable returns.

2016 Net Worth Increase

I started meticulously tracking my net worth in August so I can only give you an accurate  update from that point.

As of the 3rd August 2016 net worth was calculated at a total of £50,870.54

As of the 3rd January 2017 my net worth is calculated at a total of £89,731.22

That gives a total net worth growth in 5 months  of £38860.68

This is significantly above my earnings for the same period and comes down to a couple of things.

What Caused The 2016 Net Worth Growth?

Firstly as mentioned here, growth in my pension pot gets added to the total on a yearly basis.

The second significant growth factor is the ongoing rise in the value of my house. Many people in the FIRE community don’t include their house as part of their net worth. Personally as mentioned previously, I add the difference between the value of the property and how much I owe on the mortgage. If it ever moved to negative equity I will utilise the negative figure.  

Fallingwater 2016 Net worth Review

My dream house and not my actual house, Sadly.

2017 Net Worth Goals.

I only have one goal for my net worth for 2017 and it’s a big one.

Over the course of the year I’d like to add an additional £48000 to my net worth. I choose this as a target as it works out at £4000 per month which is somewhere around my monthly salary. This makes it achievable but at the same time a stretch.

2016 Share review

Here is how my shares have performed over the year. I have not included one share which makes up a large part of part of my portfolio. The unnamed share is in the company I work for and I’ve chosen not to disclose this.

Share Code No. of shares Current Price Total % Growth
BP 54 5.17 43.55
GFRD 74 12.98 32.99
GSK 67 15.62 3.92
MDHAAJ 132.1166 4.659 23.11
MDYNAM 1505.4196 1.787 4.78
IAG 110 4.45 -2.25
RGD 308 0.34 4.78
VVFUSI 12.1847 180.42 15.71
GSK2 30.52 15.62 11.78
Total 11.9%

In terms of performance, almost 12% per year is excellent. If I could keep that up over the next 5-10 years I would be absolutely ecstatic.

Stock Fail

Only one share showed negative results over the year. IAG (who own BA and Iberia)  was only purchased very recently and this had limited any chance of growth.

In the long-term I believe the additional runway at Heathrow will assist BA in growing even further. BA’s decision to no longer offer free snacks on short-haul flights (under 6 hours) has me in two minds. Selling food may well lead to additional on board sales but could also lead to a reduction in future bookings.

Stock Success

The big winner was BP. The shares have been held for just about a year and the growth has been excellent.

Oil prices have risen by around $10 a barrel over the course of 2016 with a few significant drops throughout the year. Over the long-term I will look to reduce my investments in the oil industry, renewable energy is something I am planning to look at closely in 2017.

2017 Stock Goals.

I’ve always looked to achieve a token figure of 7% with share purchases. Therefore if I can achieve 7% growth (or more) over 2017 then I will be happy.

The coming year could see even more unexpected occurrences than 2016 with the inauguration of Donald Trump early in the year leading to changes in legislation and various political votes in Europe throughout the year.

In terms of the actual investment sum, I will be looking at around £9000 spread evenly throughout the year.

I will also continue to reinvest all dividends received from the shares.

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  1. Miss Mazuma says:

    Nice numbers! Especially loving that your house rose above inflation…and I’m a huge fan of Frank Lloyd Wright so I love the pic you grabbed! If you lived there your value most certainly would have risen! 🙂

    I love a nice hefty goal for the future. I haven’t set any for next year but I imagine if pressed I would try to conquer the year the same way I did for 2016. Can’t wait to watch your numbers go up!!

    1. Frugalfox says:

      Miss Mazuma. Love a lady with knowledge of architecture! Are you expecting to have an even better year this year? How’s work been going plenty of flights?

  2. Frugalfox says:

    Thanks for the comment Jake. Index funds are the way forward, they take all the hard work out of investing whilst keeping costs down. What more could you want!

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