The 5 Essential Travel Items You Must Pack

As I’ve already talked about, I travel a lot for work and as often as possible for pleasure. Sometimes  I get lucky and combine the two.

There are some essential travel items that I take with me for business trips and some for leisure.

Below are five items that I always take with me wherever I go no matter what the occasion.

The Essential Travel Items


Even if I am taking a suitcase (long haul) I always take a backpack or rucksack.

Essebtial Travel Items

Volcom Bag

They are essential for carrying gym clothes in the hotels, for going to the local supermarket (n.b in the UK we pay 5p for carrier bags at shops). 

It was great in Orlando for carrying phones, keys, makeup (Mrs Frugalfox’s), cameras and sunglasses around the theme parks.

I have two different styles; a largish bag by Volcom which I bought in Lake Tahoe on my honeymoon and a blue Trespass bag which is smaller and better designed for longer periods but less stylish.


Water bottle

As can be seen here, I hate paying for bottled water if I can get it for free. The trespass bag does come with an inbuilt bladder but I took it out before visiting Disney in case they thought I was up to no good!

Mrs FrugalFox bought me a cheap water bottle  from Mountain Warehouse and it’s amazing, even though I know there are better bottles out there I love this one. It helps that it perfectly fits in the bottle holders of both backpacks.

5 Essential Travel Items

Cocoon GridIt

Essential Travel Items

Cocoon Grid-It with a variety of items.

On long haul flights this is an absolute necessity for me now. It just perfectly holds things in place and keeps them organised.

I have different set ups for different travel destinations meaning the essential items (chargers, pens, cables, earphones) are always available.

You can get different sizes to hold iPads and laptops but I just use mine as a standalone device…. And I love it.


Anker Astro E1 5200mAh External battery

Although most business class flights now have power available in the seat, there are often times after landing I will jump into a car for a few hours or be stuck at a very tiny airport with limited plugs. Being able to listen to my podcasts or music without worrying about the battery dying can be a lifesaver. Great if you are out walking in strange place and you need to use Google maps as well.


Microwave Steaming Bags

 You are probably thinking that this is probably quite a bizarre essential travel item.Steam Bags Work with me here though. What they don’t tell you about steaming bags is that you can use them to cook in kettles.

Wherever I am in the world sometimes (always) I want to be a little more frugal. By going to the local supermarket and buying a can of stewed meat, some eggs or even some hotdogs I can avoid restaurants or expensive takeaways.

All you do is place the food in a roasting bag in a half filled kettle, boil a couple of times and hey presto hot* food.

*n.b Please ensure the food is piping hot, we do not want food poisoning as a result of saving money!


So there you have five essential items that I always take when travelling.

What essential travel items do you always take with you? Could I leave any of these at home?



  1. Erith says:

    I totally agree with the rucksack, I rarely go anywhere without one. Like you, I am a seasoned traveller, so my Lemon & Ginger Tea bags, my noise cancelling headphones and eyemask. (Yes I know I get weird looks, but I like to sleep on planes, especially for those early Monday morning commute flights). I have a wee pack with pills & potions, that is scanner size.
    Hadn’t thought of cooking stuff in the kettle. I must remember that…

    1. Frugalfox says:

      I’m actually in the process of making a video about cooking in kettles which will be on YouTube fairly soon. I normally manage to borrow some fruit teabags from Holiday Inns when I stay there (every week). If i’m going to Asia or south America I take my own, just in case.

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