7 big goals to exploit the remainder of 2017

7 big goals to exploit the remainder of 2017

We have already reached the midway point of 2017. The sun has been shining fairly consistently for the last few weeks. Weather like this is a great motivating tool. With that in mind I’ve decided on 7 big goals to help me push towards the end of the year, 2018 and beyond.


1) Save £6000 into our share account

My Target investment saving for 2017 was originally £10,000. This doesn’t include any of the cash being stashed away in my pension fund.

The first half of the year was reasonably successful. I invested just over half of the target with 51.9% saved.

For the second half of the year I have decided to up the monthly amount from £833.33 a month to £1000, giving me the £6000 total.

2) Reduce monthly spending

Our spending has started to grow over the past few months. Our weekly food bill has grown as we cook more interesting and varied meals.

Decorating my office with a new desk, sofa and storage furniture has also put a significant bump in our spending.

To bring things back under control for the next 6 months I’m going to reduce my spending significantly. Here are some of the things I plan to do.

Less takeaway food: Due to travel and time limitations I have been eating a lot of low nutrition fast food. I’m aiming to get back to meal prepping and also hotel room cooking.

Less nights out: I have now pencilled in a meet up with friends every two months. Outside of that I won’t be going out and wasting cash on partying.

No more stupid purchases: Looking back on my recent Amazon orders I have been susceptible to buying things on the spur of the moment. Some of the purchases have been awesome like this dog deshedding tool. Others have just been unnecessary like two bags of waffle mix.

3) Drop 6% body fat

Having recently weighed myself for the first time in a few months things are not looking good. My actual weight does vary as and when I manage to get in the gym. Rather than tracking weight I prefer body fat percentage.

Losing 1% body fat per month is well within my capability when I’m focused but will still  leave me some extra to lose next year.


Diet: Cutting out the fast food and takeaway mentioned above will have a big impact.

Gym: I’ll try and book as many hotels that have gyms as possible. When I’m at home I’ll get in the Dungeon (my home gym).

Cycling: I need to start getting out on my cycle lot more at the weekends. In theory I have no need to use the car at all during the weekends especially when the sun is shinning.

4) Visit at least 1 new country

Now that I’ve been doing my current job for a few years the opportunity to visit new countries through work continues to diminish. So far this year I have been to two new countries; Thailand and Lithuania.


Vilnius, Lithuania

I have quite a lot of travel planned in for the second half of the year but as it stands only Denmark will be the country I’m yet to visit.

5) Read 12 new books

I’ve not read as many books so far this year as I would like.

I’ve been struggling a little with motivation to read; there are so many distractions including social media, television, and having a six month old puppy. Being away from home so much with work should in theory give me plenty of reading time but work pressures have been taking their toll.

I’m planning to step my game up and read two books per month. This shouldn’t be a problem with some focus. In 2015 my ambition was to read 52 books in the year, which I’m glad to say I beat by 3 books.

For this next six months I’m going to start with “How to be a Landlord” – By Rob Dix. I want to buy my first property within the next year. This book should help with the important details after the purchase.

I also have “Neverwhere” by Neil Gaiman in the pipeline. Having recently read “American Gods”, “Norse Mythology” and “The graveyard book” all by the same author. If you like well written fantasy these are all well worth a look.

6) Increase the frequency of posts on Hotels and Money

I’ve been slacking lately and have been letting you faithful readers down. I’ve only posted 6 times in the last three months. So far there has been a total of 46 posts on the site ranging from “how to get financially independent” to “The five essential travel items you must pack”.

I’m targeting a post at least once per week including posts on meal plans, frugal fitness and cheap holidays with pets.

7) Earn an additional £2000

Increasing my additional earnings will mean additional savings. Any extra money I make on a monthly basis will be added straight into my Nutmeg investing ISA. I have a variety of different ways in mind to make some extra cash. The best five are listed below.

eBay: I haven’t been selling on eBay for such a long time. It’s a good way to make money as it takes very little time to get something listed.

Bricklink: My LEGO store is closed at the moment because the office is currently being decorated. As soon as the store can be reopened the sales should start rolling back in.

Matched Betting: I have been fairly successful on matched betting recently and upping the betting frequency should bring in extra profits.

Quidco/Topcashback: I use these two cash back sites every time I book travel for work. Getting ten percent of the value of every hotel I stay in is a great little side income.

Car boot sale: There is a weekly car boot sale less than half a mile from our house every Sunday and we still have yet to sell some of the unused things we have in the loft.

7 big goals to exploit the remainder of 2017

There you have my 7 big goals for the second half of 2017. What are you trying to achieve with the remainder of the year. Let me know in the comments below.



    1. Frugalfox says:

      Hey Matt, thanks for the comment. I only just realised that there was a book called Nancy boys. Can’t wait to read it. Norse mythology is good but not to the level of American gods. I can’t get Marvel’s versions of Loki and Thor out of my head when reading it.

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