7 Things That Are An Enormous Waste Of Money: Pt. 3

This is it, the third and final part of 7 things that are an enormous waste of money. You can find the first and second part here.

Yet more money writers came forward with things that you and I may well be wasting our hard-earned cash on.

7 Things That Are AN Enormous Waste Of Money

Waste Not, Want Not.

The above is one of my favourite ever phrases. I feel like it might be something that could be heard on Game Of Thrones.

The meaning is don’t waste things today that you may need tomorrow. 

Anyway I digress, here 7 more of the best money writers gave us their best tips.

Another 7 Things That Are An Enormous Waste Of Money.

1) Supplements

OurFIJourney puts it very simply and straight to the point “Supplements. Eat real food folks.”

Normal regular everyday people should get enough nutrients from the food they eat. However, many western diets are significantly lacking in the vitamins and minerals required for optimum health.

Many moons ago when I was training 6 days a week in the gym I did use certain supplements. Some felt like they worked and others didn’t. Even the ones that did work may have just been a placebo effect.

Now a days I spend (a lot) less time in the gym so I spend very little money on additional dietary supps save for some fish oil.

Supplements Enormous Waste Of Money

Supplements – Don’t believe the hype

2) Moving Equipment

Moneymatters chimes in with  a great point “When people move, they often pay a bunch of money for moving supplies like boxes and bubble wrap, when there are a ton of ways to get moving supplies for free. You can search Craigslist, get free boxes at stores and more”

He wrote are piece all about this very subject which you can find here

I’ve only moved a few times in my 30 plus years on the planet. When I have moved I’ve never paid money for packing materials. You can always pick up free boxes from local stores and restaurants. 

3) Expensive Gym Classes

BestLifeKaty takes a justified swipe at over priced gym classes. “Expensive gym classes – think soul cycle, barre, and other boutique type classes. Those can run you $20-$35 per class… I know somebody who spends more than $200/month! You can easily get a membership at a gym with free classes for cheaper. People underestimate the quality of their local YMCA!”

I love going to the gym (that’s why I built one at home). I recently wrote about “9 Frugal fitness tools to get you in shape for free”, There are just so many cheaper alternatives than some ridiculous unproven fitness fad.       

4) Vending Machine Snacks

LadyFIRE “Vending machine snacks – you can make your own for dirt cheap” She even gives some examples of alternatives over on Fireby35.

Sadly I have been known to dabble in a vending machine snack. Before when I’ve been working in another country and you get back to a hotel at ridiculous o’clock in the morning its the only option. I’ve even started packing snacks into my case or taking them from the morning breakfast buffet. 

5) Branded Products

Adriana from moneyjourneytoday is not a fan of the large companies that rule most of our lives.

“People waste too much money on brand products. Sure, sometimes they can be better than generic, but often times many are simply ashamed of buying the cheaper product, with the brand name standing right there, next to it.”

I have to confess there are certain brands that I tended to sway towards. One of which was Nike for sneakers. I have quite a few pairs still box fresh. I’m sure they’ll eventually get worn over the next few years. 

When it comes to cleaning chemicals I steer away from the brands. Aldi’s own brand washing up liquid has tested as superior to the UK’s number 1 selling brand Fairy Liquid, so that;s were my money goes. 

6) Online Video Games

“Online video games – specifically, Tchotchkies for gaming avatars and even money to just watch other people play.” says Whdwight. He even gives some statistics about how much your kids are spending on games 

I don’t play video games myself anymore. I find they take up too much time which could be worse than the actual financial cost. 

I remember fondly the days when you bought a cartridge with the whole game included and there was no additional parts of the game to buy. The original Super Mario Kart may not be the best game ever made but it’s still my personal game of choice!

7) Everything

Now this one is quite extreme but at the same time absolutely accurate. Steve from Thinksaveretire 

“About 98% of everything people buy. Not a helpful response, I know. But true.” 

I felt that was a great way to bring the series to an end. We are wasting so much of our money and time buying things we don’t need to fill gaps in our day-to-day lives. The next time you think about buying something or spending money ask ” Will this really make my life better”

7 Things That Are An Enormous Waste Of Money

Now we have a total of 21 things that are a complete waste of money. 

If you can avoid spending on these then your life may just be a little easier and your financial freedom that little bit closer. 

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  1. After playing a mobile game for a year, they came out with a wicked deal on their premium currency – I ended up spending $15 to get the deal, but I figure I play it everyday so I might as well give something back… definitely something that realistically was a huge waste of money, but which I did anyway 😛

    But I agree with most of these, and the previous ones too – except Toilet Paper! Lily @TheFrugalGene – we’re so spoiled at my house, we need the nice stuff otherwise we get very sad. You actually can tell the difference! Though it is a luxury that I technically could live without, but don’t want to live without!

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