Receiving An Offer You Can’t Refuse

Have you ever been made an offer, an offer on the face of it that you simply can’t refuse. Over the course of the past few weeks this has happened to me. 

It all started at the beginning of January with a phone call.

It was a pleasant lady from a recruitment agency who had found my CV on or some other generic job site.

“I have a role that I think would be suitable for you” she said. 

I’d heard this one before lots of times.

“Tell me more “ I said in a slightly lethargic tone.

She proceeded to essentially describe my job (which I love).  I explained the situation and the fact I would be spending the next two weeks in Thailand on business.

“That’s fine, they’ll be happy to do a Skype interview”

I’ve never done a Skype interview before so was slightly apprehensive. As time went on it became clear that the Director of the company didn’t agree with Skype calls so they would hold the interviews for the role open until I got back.

A Trip Across Country

Fast forward to last Wednesday and I’m sitting in an office somewhere near the Welsh border faced by three interviewers. The questions kept coming for around 90 minutes and I walked out quietly confident that it had gone well.

I spoke to the recruiter later that afternoon and she said that she will call me on Friday to let me know about an additional interview if the first went well.

An Offer You Can’t Refuse

Friday afternoon and the phone rings…

“They would like to offer you the job”

I was shocked, not that I had got it, but that I had got it so quickly without additional interviews.
She informed me that their salary offer was 25% higher than my current salary.

I was pleasantly suprised at the amount and this then had me in two minds…. I never wanted to leave my job but this was too much to simply turn down. It really was an offer not to be refused. 

They gave me the weekend to think about it, so I spent the weekend snoozing (it’s where I do my best thinking).

An offer you can't refuse.

Having some thinking time.

Even then, I simply couldn’t decide what to do.

A job I love, versus, a job I may love with additional money.

Everybody I asked for advice was basically useless. 

I got to work Monday morning and told my boss I needed to speak to him. I explained all about the job I had been offered, how much they had offered me and various other details. My boss is a very pragmatic guy and he said it is up to me to decide but he would speak to the department head and not to rush my decision.

An Offer You Cant Refuse: Part 2

Two hours later and I’m sat in a room with my boss and the department head. A sizeable counter offer was made.

“ We don’t want you to leave, so I can offer this amount”

It didn’t match what I was offered by the other company but it was certainly close enough.

They also in principle agreed to fund a degree in my chosen subject. That in itself is a substantial amount of money and it will certainly make me better at my job in the long run.

As I sit typing this I’m mulling over my final decision…. 14 years with a company that are clearly desperate for me to stay, versus more money and a fresh start. 

The plus side to all these decisions is that whatever happens I will be substantially closer to achieving my goal of becoming financially independent. The money will go straight into savings with no changes to my lifestyle necessary.

Also having a degree would make it a lot easier to work for myself once I become financially free. Having clients that I could work for once or twice a year just to bring in a little extra cash would be a fantastic source of income.

What would you do? Leave and chase the money or stick with what you know. Let me know in the comments below.


I decided to stay with my current company and turned the opportunity down. My pay rise has gone through and essentially very little else has changed. 




  1. Miss Mazuma says:

    Oh my goodness!! Congrats either way!! Halfway through reading I was going to suggest taking the new offer to your current boss. I am so glad your current boss upped the anty. It may not be as much, but the fact of the matter is you have the ball in your court. You could go back to him and try to squeeze a little more, but be prepared with an answer either way. I am kind of a wimp when it comes to risk – I love the idea of staying where you are because you have already built up the personal relationships and know who/what you are dealing with. A new fresh start is a lovely thought as well…until you have to work with someone with chronic halitosis or a bad attitude. It can take a long time to settle in… Then again, maybe you need to shake things up! Ugh…I’m of no help. If it were me, I would do the about – try to squeeze more but regardless stay put. You can always squeeze them again next year. 🙂

    1. Frugalfox says:

      To quote my boss when the offer was made, “don’t come back to me in 6 months time with another job offer”!
      I have such a lot tied up with my current employer that it’s actually financially better to stay.
      The increase in Salary means work pay more into my pension and I pay more into my pension. WIn/Win

  2. TJ says:

    “It didn’t match what I was offered by the other company but it was certainly close enough. ” <— If it's close enough and you enjoy your current environment, I would be staying. You don't need to chase the $$ because you get most of the $$ by staying put.

    1. Frugalfox says:

      TJ, you are absolutely right, with all the additional perks i get I am probably better off financially staying where I am even with a slightly lower salary.
      I never wanted to leave my job but sometimes it is nice to know you are wanted!

  3. Lee says:

    I’d stay. The benefit of the funded degree would outweigh the extra money (there’s tax to consider too) in my mind, as well as not having to relocate (I assume from what I read it wasn’t near enough for commuting).

    Pretty darned good feeling to be given both offers though! 😀

  4. Ben says:

    I think I would have stayed for slightly less monies. Although the other job offers more and sounds great on paper it is still unknown whether you’d enjoy the day to day job and surrounding colleagues.
    Your current employer offering you more money having seen this offer really show you’re appreciated and they want to keep you. Plus the possibility of obtaining a degree shows they want to invest in you for both the business but also your personal development.

    I think you’ve got yourself a great deal there, well done!

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