Expense Update November 2016

It’s time for another review of how I have managed to not spend my money over the last 30 days. I try to live frugally whilst still enjoying life, after all, life is short.

To find out more about what I am attempting to achieve then read about my master plan.
Let’s start off this expense update with the good news, savings rates and pension contributions were up . The bed news comes when reviewing actual spending figures it was a decidedly unfrugal month.

Expense Update November 16

November 2016 Expense Review

Saving and Spending Percentages

Before getting into the minutiae of spending let’s take a general look at the where the unspent money has gone.

Saving: £2513 ↑49.9% (This is total savings not including pension contributions and company share purchase).

The contributions to the pension scheme and share programme totalled £759.75 ↑6%

Total saving percentage 63.53%*

*This figure is the savings made into banks and shares. This is as a percentage of the post tax salary.

There are various different ways you can work out your savings percentage and they will all give you a different figure. As long as you remain consistent in how you do it then the result will always be representative of your past month.

Monthly Expense Update November 2016

So far so good, savings up considerably, and an increased saving percentage. However expenses actually went up considerably. Most of the increase was necessary including a service on my car which is important based on the miles I log yearly. Also further driving lessons for the wife (she will pass her test this time!)
You can find a little more detail here on the basic expenses such as mortgage and the standard monthly bills.

Monthly Expenses November 2016

Expense TypeTotal (£)Comments
Mortgage£628.68No over payments made this month
Gas/Electric£53Standard direct debit
Water£7Standard direct debit
Sewerage£8.29Standard direct debit
Internet£22.99Standard direct debit
Council Tax£139Standard direct debit
House Insurance£10.71Standard direct debit
Contents Insurance£9.15Standard direct debit
Food Shopping£56.54Under the monthly budget by a few pounds. We better utilised some of the opportunities I get from my employer and also food stored in the freezer.
Household Sundries£0
Incorporated into food shopping this month.
Credit Card£14.23I had to use my personal credit card for a work expense. I will receive this in my wages next month.
Amazon£15Christmas present for my wife. Don't tell her!
Car Service£154.56I have my car serviced every 6 months. This includes oil change, filter change and various other checks and tweaks.
Driving Lessons£220Hopefully this will be the last batch of these we pay for. Fingers crossed.
DIY£15A new side table and two sets of shelves for our lounge. Both to be upcycled.
LEGO for my Business£46A few LEGO sets which were on a good sale at a local supermarket.
Takeaway£19.90A treat which we regretted buying as soon as it was delivered.
Kindle Fire£39.99I managed to break my wife's old one so a replacement was ordered. Great for reading and simple internet tasks.
Phone Tripod£7.99To be used for filming a few videos for YouTube.

With Christmas now looming ever closer the expenses for food and gifts for our nephews may continue to rise. The good news however is a tax rebate may be due very soon.

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