Expense Update October 2016

It’s time for my first ever monthly expense review. This is where I will detail exactly how I have spent my money in the last thirty or so days.

As this is the first month of publishing these for the world I don’t plan on passing judgement on whether it has been a good or bad month. The numbers will hopefully speak for themselves.

To find out more about what I am attempting to achieve then read about my master plan.

October 2016 Expense Review

Saving and Spending Percentages

Before getting into the minutiae of spending lets take a general look at the where the unspent money has gone.

Saving: £1677.44 (This is total savings not including pension contributions and company share purchase).

The contributions to the pension scheme and share programme amounted to £717.21

Total saving percentage 55.48%*

*This figure is the savings made into banks and shares. This is as a percentage of the post tax salary.

There are various different ways you can work out your savings percentage and they will all give you a different figure. As long as you remain consistent in how you do it then the result will always be representative of your past month.

Monthly Expense Update October 2016

You can find a little more detail here on the basic expenses such as mortgage and the standard monthly bills.

Monthly Expenses October

Expense TypeTotal (£)Comments
Mortgage£628.68No over payments made this month
Gas/Electric£53Standard direct debit
Water£7Standard direct debit
Sewerage£8.29Standard direct debit
Internet£21.99Standard direct debit
Council Tax£139Standard direct debit
House Insurance£10.71Standard direct debit
Contents Insurance£9.15Standard direct debit
Food Shopping£80.73This is slightly over our budget of £60 for the month for a few reasons.
1) I forgot to add some of the sundries into the line below.
2) We have a new app called checkout smart which gives you access to free food and drinks. We have around £15 sitting in our accounts which we can withdraw when it gets above £20.
All the cupboards are currently well stocked with non perishables. The freezer on the other hand is looking a little sparse. Looks like it will be a cook off weekend.
Household Sundries£5.78
Kitchen Towel, Pan Scourers, Food bags and Febreeze.
Credit Card£17.90I had to use my personal credit card for a work expense. I will receive this in my wages next month.
Website100.46Paying for the hosting of this very website and a few other associated costs.
Amazon£15Purchase of three LEGO books for one of my sideline businesses.
Driving Fine£37.50After getting back from Florida I drove over the Dartford bridge in London. You get 24 hours to pay the automatic toll. I blame jet lag for me forgetting.
Driving Test£62The wife is taking her driving test in December.
DIY£71.42We bought a new rotary washing line. The "Postcrete" to put it in the ground and some varnish for a table we upcycled.
Other£25.07Charges from the use of toll roads whilst in Florida.

That’s where all the money has gone this month. Payday has now been and gone which means tracking this months money has already started. Christmas is now on the horizon so it’s time to think about more frugal ways to deal with that. Leave me a comment below if you have any festive tips.



  1. Hey,

    I really liked your post. I have a couple of questions:

    1. Don’t you use any phone? I use giffgaff which is very cheap but I don’t see your phone bill or is it included in the internet bill as well?

    2. What water provider are you using? I nearly pay £30/month for my water o.O

    I’m very impressed with your food budget, I spend around £180 for 2 people per month and I also cook for many times.

    I really liked your post, however, I would like to see also the total spent this month, I know I can calculate it with the 55% savings, but…. it’s more visual if you add something like “total” or similar.

    Thank you for sharing,


    1. Frugalfox says:

      Thanks for the comment.
      1) I mentioned in a previous post that I have a phone supplied by work. This is my only phone, I do use FB messenger and Whatsapp for any other communication.
      2) Off hand I can’t remember which water and sewerage companies I use.

      My food budget is low because I eat out a lot, again provided by work.

      I’ll take the advice into account for next month.

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