This Week’s Hotel Stays Part 3

This week is one of those rare occasions where I get to stay in the same hotel all week, well sort of.  In the end I stayed in 3 hotels over the 7 days, although 1 was strictly last week. Those who follow my Instagram will have seen that unusually I stayed away from home last Friday night.  I am staying away Friday this week as well but that will be it for a while. Below are the hotels I stayed at and how they rank.

This Week's Hotel Stays Pt. 3

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Hotel stay last week (Bonus review)

Beccles, England 14/10/16 – The King’s Head Hotel

A historic hotel in the centre Beccles. Unusually Mrs FrugalFox stayed with me, she loved the decor in the room. The room was kind of coastal in design quite different to the rest of the pub.

It was quite noisy in the pubs beer garden through the evening which disturbed my sleep considerably. We still managed to get up quite early as breakfast starts from 7am right through till midday. Although it isn’t included in the price the stay is still good value.


Barnsley, England 17/10/16 – Holiday Inn (3 nights)

Turns out I’ve stayed in this hotel previously although it was at least a year ago. Facilities wise this hotel does not offer an on site gym but gives free access to the large Bannatyne’s gym next door. The positive of this is you get a well equipped facility, the downside having to walk across the car park in the rain!


Proof I went to the gym 😉

The rooms are fairly well appointed with a nice desk area which I made use of every night. The breakfast selection was excellent with the staff extremely friendly.


Dereham, England 21/10/16 – Romany Rye Pub and Hotel

Another JD Wetherspoon hotel, I tend to stay in them for the good value and the on site pub is usually of high quality. I have stayed here multiple times and again they did not disappoint. Good service throughout and a nice room design. The only downsides are the lack of air conditioning (no problem in the UK in October) and diminutive car park.


Have you stayed in any great hotels this week? Let me know in the comments below.

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