Net Worth And Share Review August 2017

It’s time for the net worth and share review August 2017. This is the regular look at our finances and progress towards financial independence. To read last month’s review you can click here.

Net Worth And Share Review August 2017

Net Worth August 2017

Net worth August 2017

This month: £115,729.98

Last Month: £113,493.93 (Actual)

Growth on last month: 1.97%

The bad news is there was a significant mistake made last month that gave our finances an unnecessary boost. The good news is once that is taken out of the equation we made another small gain in net worth this August.

Keeping up a near 2% growth per month would give some where in the region of 26% growth per year. In any body’s eyes that has to be pretty good.

Mortgage Over-payments

I have finally remortgaged and this has reduced my interest rate by over 1.2%. The extra £100 odd per month will be invested into the monthly investments mentioned below.

Monthly Investments

Part of our 6 monthly goals that we talk about below were to invest £6000. We have upped our monthly direct debit to £1000 this month and will up to £1100 next month using the additional mortgage money.  If I get any additional money (a bonus for instance) I plan to invest this as well but in a separate investment that I will talk briefly about below.

Additional Investments

The £100 monthly investments into nutmeg are starting to add up with the fund returning 3.3% so far. It’s amazing how fast money can grow if you give it a chance.

The investment partnership started two month continues with £340 invested between us. Upping the investment by £10 each month is really having a significant impact. For such a small increase it becomes such a large percentage of the starting investment figure quite quickly.

A New Investment

There is a company called Finance moose that crowd fund property investments. Like my recent Nutmeg review I plan to invest a sum of money into a property with these guys and see how it works out.

I’ll do a post in the next month or so and talk you through the process.

I trial investments so you don’t have to….. What’s not to like!

Net Worth August 2017: Share Review

Last Month’s Value


This Month’s Value


Share Value Growth 3.70%

The months of up and down continue. The big losers continue to be the small cap companies Echo and RGD.

RGD have struggled due to news of unusual dealings within the management team. There have been some significant sell offs resulting in a P/E of somewhere around 5.81 currently. This usually would show itself as a significant investment opportunity. However, I’m struggling a little to find any other reason to pick up additional shares. It would mean I need an overall lower sell off price later. I have the feeling I may be chasing bad money with good.

Echo again took a bit of a battering but with these guys I knew this would be a long term investment. I feel this may well continue to be a roller coaster stock until some significant results come through.

As always my funds have perfomed adequately. None of them were particualarly outstanding but thats kind of the point in the long run.

A good recovery from GFRD who have been plagued with bad news over the last year. If they can keep this up and have a solid if not spectacular remainder of the year I’ll be happy.

The other big winner is once again my employer. After a couple of poor months the share price has begun to turn a round. The current price is probably around it’s peak for the time being. UK industry will be seeing increasing headwinds over the next couple of years including growing inflation and staffing costs. The plan remains to sell off the shares as they become tax free and invest into applicable funds to diversify.

Travel Loyalty Clubs

IHG points took a heck of a jump this month which is a lot to do with the accelerate programme. I booked my flight to Brazil with Lufthansa so those points should jump up next month and my flight to China is booked with British airways so my Avios will also grow nicely. That flight should also take me up an additional tier.

Net Worth August 2017: Six Monthly Goals

To try and keep my 6 monthly goals in mind I’m going keep adding a progress report to this net worth review every month.

1)Save £6000 into our share account

Only £833.33 saved this month, it was too late to change my direct debit. I’ll add the extra cash onto next months to bring me into target.

2)Reduce monthly spending

We have been spending significantly less on food this month. If you follow our Instagram page you can see the food bargains we have been picking up including lots of baked products. Making use of the cupboard and freezer staples we already have has helped significantly.

It’s also been the time of year to start foraging including picking up large batches of blackberries and plums. We missed out on the cherries, the trees had been picked clean by the local bird community!

3) Drop 6% body fat

According to my scales I managed to lose 1.8% body fat this month which puts me ahead of where I had hoped to be. There is a degree of uncertainty when using digital scales to take body fat but as a metric it is roughly accurate. I plan to hit the gym a lot whilst in Brazil, the hotel has a reasonable gym and I’ll have plenty of time on my hands.

4) Visit at least 1 new country

No success on this one yet. I have managed to visit Poland for the first time in ten years which has made a nice change. It’s definitely not as cheap as it used to be though!

5) Read 12 new books

Tick off two of the twelve books. I finished “How to Own the World” all about investing (it’s currently free on amazon if you are a prime member). I also read “How To Be A Landlord” which should be fairly self explanatory.

For this month I’m going with “Way Of The Turtle” all about how two investment experts turned ordinary people into high quality investors over a two week period.

The second book i’m going for is “Trade Your Way To Financial Freedom” by Van K Tharp. I think the title is all the explanation you need for this one.

6) Increase the frequency of posts on Hotels and Money

I posted 6 times in July, which was double what I managed in June. I think doubling my output counts as a success!

7) Earn an additional £2000

I need to bring in over £300 a month to hit this target. I cashed out my Quidco and Topcashback accounts to bring in £150.91. Unfortunately that was all I managed.

Plans for this month are to maybe do a car boot sale/flea market sale to get rid a lot of clothes. The wife has also been tasked with selling one of her wedding dresses (don’t ask!) as well as my old iPhone and iPad. Combined they should get us back on track.

Net Worth And Share Review August 2017

Well that’s the Net Worth And Share Review for this month. We had some good share growth, some okay overall net worth growth and we are going well on achieving our six monthly goals.

How are you doing with your financial goals this month? Leave me a comment below.




  1. Miss Mazuma says:

    Nicely done! They can’t all be winner months but you stayed in the green. My savings rate has dropped drastically in the past few months (paying rent at BF’s, taxes, travel plans) but overall I am still succeeding. All these small steps add up to the big picture.

    Big congrats on the 6% drop in body fat! That is one area I REALLY need to start working on. Not fat loss so much as a decent work out plan. I find it hard to stick with a program while I am on the road but being back in the city this past week has taught me how out of shape I am! 3 flights of stairs and I want to lay down and rest. 🙂

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