Net Worth And Share Review December 2016

It’s time for the last monthly instalment of the net worth and share review this year. This is the regular look at my finances and the progress towards financial independence.

Net Worth
Net worth and share review December 2016

Net worth

This month: £66274.90

Last Month: £63959.58

Growth on last month: 3.6%

This is a pretty good growth on the previous month in part due to a couple of things:
1) I picked up some LEGO at a good price which has gone straight into the store. Sales on the site are doing quite well at the moment which is always great to see.
2) I saved 50% more than usual into my stocks and shares ISA. I already have a target for next year but based on this I’m planning on increasing it substantially.
Going forwards I have a trip to Las Vegas in April which I suspect will put a bit of a dent into the savings for that month. I have a business trip to Thailand in January which should mean I spend very little that month. Hopefully the two will balance each other out.

Monthly Investments

As mentioned above I added £1000 into my share account last month all invested into one fund. I was looking at a few individual stocks but I managed to talk myself out of it.

I still haven’t begun paying down the mortgage but I will be starting that next month. I’ll be using the £500 that I currently put into the emergency account to fund that.


Last Month’s Value £16834.70

This Month’s Value £17748.90

I’m not showing the percentage growth this month because I’ve decided I want to start incorporating the total value including the recently invested capital.

Turns out the Trump election didn’t cause too much trouble to my American focused funds, on the contrary in fact. The European and world funds on the other hand haven’t done super well and may continue to struggle. They are however a long term investment so I’m not too concerned.

I am now considering selling off all my individual shares and putting the money straight into funds. I’ll make that decision over the Christmas period. It’s very easy to become concerned with an individual share including watching the financial news and reading the finance papers. When its a fund you can just sit back and roll with the punches.

Year End

As another year ticks by I am planning on doing a full review of how successful this year has been on the winding road to financial independence.

As for the spreadsheet mentioned last month, I still need to do a few little tweaks so the plan is to have it fully ready for January 1st.
How was your month for building net worth? Let me know in the comments below.

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