Net Worth and Share Review February 2017

It’s time for the first monthly instalment of the net worth and share review for 2017. This is the regular look at my finances and the progress towards financial independence.

Net worth and share review February 2017

Net worth

This month: £92,430.62

Last Month: £89,731.22

Growth on last month: 3.00%

As mentioned here my target for 2017 was to grow my net worth by £48000 over the course of the year. Averaging £4000 a month is looking extremely tough. This month the total added was just shy of £2700.

On the one hand missing out by such a large amount could be seen as a huge disappointment. On the other, it is still a significant bunch of change.

I’ll score myself a B+ but must try harder!

Due to travel I was away for much of January, this meant I had to close the online Lego store. Now I’m back, the store is reopened and can hopefully start to bring in some extra income again.

Mortgage Over Payments

Over the past two months the mortgage over payment has begun, last month I was able to pay off an additional £1000 and this month I have paid off an additional £500.

That works out at well over an additional 1% of the mortgage paid off in space of 30 days.

Monthly Investments

I am now adding £833.33 into my share account on a monthly basis, which is automatically invested into just one fund. I’ve now stayed away from individual shares for around two months. It’s hard, especially with the recent drop in the value of Under Armour.


Last Month’s Value £21,984.74

This Month’s Value £23,978.65

Share Value Growth 9.07%

It’s important to bear in mind that this is the total growth of the value of the shares including all additional investments. It should be fairly obvious which one of the funds has received the boost!

As always the list does not feature shares held within the company  I work for. The shares did however show a growth of  almost 8% this month.

Share Code % Growth
BP. -7.43%
GFRD 8.01%
GSK -0.93%
MDHAAJ -1.63%
MDYNAM 30.13%
IAG 8.92%
RGD -4.41%
VVFUSI 0.25%
GSK -0.93%

Net Worth February 2017

Travel Loyalty Clubs

Some details of some of my current travel loyalty clubs.

Current Level $301.78
Avios 27368
IHG 86372
Emirates 55600
Lufthansa 7468
  • The total is for 3 free nights up to that specific value.
  • The IHG points would have been over 100,000 but I used 15000 on a 1 night stay to attend an interview this week. I’m currently operating at a IHG gold level but due to a two-week stay at the Crowne Plaza, Bangkok. I am already over 50% of the way to Platinum for the year.
  • The British Airways Avios are currently awaiting some recently awarded points.

How was your month for building net worth? Let me know in the comments below.

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