Net Worth and Share Review June 2017

It’s time for this month’s instalment of the net worth and share review for 2017. This is the regular look at our finances and progress towards financial independence. To read last month’s review you can click here

Net worth and share review June 2017

Net worth June 2017

This month: £97,808.91

Last Month: £97,005.05

Growth on last month: 0.82%

The month started badly, on first calculation it looked like we were worth less than last month. It wasn’t time to panic but it was the first time this had ever happened. I know the stock market ups and downs will have a big effect on our net worth but this was a shock to the system.

It turns out however I had made a slight mistake.

The money for my share investments had been withdrawn from my account but unusually had not yet moved over to the value of the shares. This made all the difference and allowed us to show a very small 0.82% growth.

Mortgage Over-payments

We haven’t made any mortgage overpayments yet this month and it will probably remain as such.
Instead, I would like to have some additional money in my emergency account. This sudden urge to increase the emergency fund stems from a trip to the vet recently which whilst not super expensive gives me a feel for how costly an injured or sick pet can be.

Monthly Investments

Again no changes to the basic investment, a further £833.33 saved added into the HSBC fund.

I have a week off shortly and I will spend a day reviewing my investments and rebalancing my portfolio. At this point I will probably move over to a different fund to diversify slightly more.

Additional Investments

Quite a few additional investments this month. Firstly, another £100 was saved into the nutmeg account. This investment has grown 2.62% since it started three months ago. Not great but at least it is beating inflation!

Secondly around a month ago I was pointed towards a company at the time called Echo Energy. I was told there was planned to be a big announcement at their upcoming AGM. I did some research and it looked like they were planning to consolidate their shares and announce a big investment.


Things like this do not come around all the time so I took an assessed risk and purchased some shares.

Four days later, the share value shot up by 66%. Since then the price has settled down to around a 50% increase. It would be easy to look back and think I should have bought a larger stake in the company, however, hindsight is a beautiful thing.

This month a friend and myself started a small investment group, we will be saving an ever increasing amount each month starting with £150 each and climbing by £10 per month. Within a year we will be saving £270 each per month and should have a total of £5000 invested. I haven’t added this saving to my net worth calculation because it is easier to keep it separate for now.


Last Month’s Value


This Month’s Value


Share Value Growth 4.70%

Total growth for the month hit 4.7% but this includes additional share purchases.

Share Code % Growth
BP. 410.77%
Echo 43.79%
GFRD -12.58%
GSK 8.76%
MDHAAJ 2.43%
MDYNAM 30.60%
IAG 5.19%
RGD -12.33%
VFUSI 3.67%
GSK 8.76%
Undisclosed -12.41%
Undisclosed -4.74%


Much of the growth seen last month in the company I work for drifted away again. The large drop in value seen in one of these undisclosed  holdings was due to a sell off I made. It can be seen as a substantial increase in BP.

Over the course of the last 12 months the company shares have grown by over £2.50 per share so I must not complain.

For the second month in a row Galliford Try was one of the big losers.

It’s hard to stay positive on this with two big losses in a row but I do remain confident for now. The drop in price has also effectively boosted their dividend percentage to almost 7.5%. Current released figures also show they cover the dividend 1.5 times.

Taking into account the large payout they need to make for failing to full fill a contract, profits will take a considerable hit this year. End of year results are released at the end of the month; so for the time being I remain on the bullish side.

Real Good Food took some substantial value losses this month at 12.33%. The holding has now lost all of it’s achieved gains. Selling off now would leave me on par, this is something I will consider next week. The holding I have is quite small but I just no longer (rightly or wrongly) believe in the company.


Travel Loyalty Clubs

June $385.49
Avios 79075
IHG 148101
Emirates 55600
Lufthansa 7468


I managed some good growth on my IHG account this month, the platinum 50% points bonus really adds up. Also the accelerate promotion can really speed up points collection, I probably won’t complete all 9 Accelerate challenges this period as one involves staying for four nights in the same hotel on multiple occasions.

British Airways/Avios has shown some growth and I’m considering using them to fly to Brazil business class in August to gain some tier points. That being said I usually fly with Lufthansa to Brazil so they remain an option to consider.

That’s all for another net worth and share review this month. How did your investments fare this month? Leave me a comment below.


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