Net worth and share review July 2017

It’s time for this month’s instalment of the net worth and share review for 2017. This is the regular look at our finances and progress towards financial independence. To read last month’s review you can click here

net worth share review july 2017

Net worth and share review July 2017

Net worth July 2017

This month: £119,493.93

Last Month: £97,808.91

Growth on last month: 22.17%

So this has been a great month on paper. For the first time ever our net worth is over the £100,000 barrier. A jump of 22.17% to our net worth is not something to be sniffed at.

There is a slight caveat here that regarding the value of my pension.

As you may be aware in October I said I’d only be adding the additional pension value on a yearly basis.

Due to certain circumstances I needed to move my pension from one investment scheme to another. During the process I recorded the current value of the pension.

Based on knowing the value, I have decided to update my numbers accordingly. It’s become an awful lot easier now to find the current value so I will probably move to updating it monthly.

That means this will definitely be the last of the big monthly increases but it should smooth out the growth charts I have in place.

Mortgage Over-payments

No mortgage over payments were made last month, trying to build up the emergency fund whilst also decorating my office has taken it’s toll.

Monthly Investments

Again no changes to the basic investment, a further £833.33 added into the HSBC fund. This will be increased next month to £1000 per month as mentioned here.

Additional Investments

Another £100 was added into the nutmeg account . Very limited returns have been recorded on this project yet but it keeps ticking away.

The investment partnership started last month continues with £320 invested between us. It’s only a small monthly saving but in the long term this could make a big difference.


Last Month’s Value


This Month’s Value


Share Value Growth 0.68%

Total growth for the month hit 0.68% but this includes additional share purchases. Taking those out of the equation and it was a TOUGH month. I’d like to say “you win some, you lose some” but this was a case of “Lose, Lose”.

There was very little to write home about with only RGD showing growth. Their market price is so small that 14% increase amounts to pennies. This jump only brings it back up to roughly the same position it was two months ago.

Share Code % Growth
BP. -2.18%
Echo -17.73%
GFRD -1.72%
GSK -4.17%
MDHAAJ -0.89%
MDYNAM 9.47%
IAG 3.32%
RGD 14.06%
VFUSI -1.84%
GSK -4.17%
Undisclosed -1.84%
Undisclosed -3.35%


The biggest loser of the month was Echo. The same as with RGD, being such a small cap company does put you at the mercy of market fluctuations and investor sentiment.

Without getting into the details of the company I work for, we have had a good year financially. There are rumours of a pretty substantial end of year bonus in the next two months and any good news to the stock market should see a bump in the share price….. here’s hoping!

Travel Loyalty Clubs

June $385.49
Avios 79674
IHG 157984
Emirates 55600
Lufthansa 7468


My IHG points continue to grow and I now have at least 7 separate stays booked for the next month. A trip to China is planned for September and I almost certainly will be flying with Emirates again.

Six Monthly Goals

To try and keep my 6 monthly goals in mind I’m going to add a progress report to this net worth review every month.

As I only just started them there are no updates this month…. expect big results next month.

That’s all for another net worth and share review this month. It’s been a month of huge positives with the £100,000 barrier broken, as well as less positives such as poor stock performance. How did your investments fare this month? Leave me a comment below.




  1. Miss Mazuma says:

    HUGE JUMP!! Congrats!! Welcome to the 6 digit club. 😉

    I haven’t started doing churning cards for points but I love that you are tracking those as well. Nicely done!

    1. Frugalfox says:

      Thanks Miss Mazuma (assuming you don’t want your real name on here 😉 )
      I’d like to think I’m catching you up but I highly doubt it!

  2. Erith says:

    Well done. £100k is a mega milestone to have cracked. The next £100k will be even quicker.

    I blew all my airmiles over all the last few years – I had some stunning trips on them 😉

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