Net Worth and Share Review March 2017

It’s time for the next monthly instalment of the net worth and share review for 2017. This is the regular look at my finances and the progress towards financial independence. As an aside the company who I purchase my shares and funds from had website issues over the weekend meaning I couldn’t easily review my holdings. It’s surprising how tense this made me!

Net worth and share review March 2017

Net worth

This month: £94,037.99

Last Month: £92,430.62

Growth on last month: 1.71%

As mentioned here my target for 2017 was to grow my net worth by £48000 over the course of the year. Averaging £4000 a month will be extremely hard. This month the total added was just shy of £1607.37.

I can’t be disheartened with such a small amount of growth this month. I’ve finally paid for our trip to Las Vegas next month.

This month was a good month for income with various bonuses being awarded at work. My pay rise hasn’t gone through yet which was disappointing but it does mean I’ll get more next month.

Its time at work to select our flexible benefits for the next tax year, I’ll do a post on what i select once I review my options.

Mortgage Over Payments

Another month, another over payment. This month we’ve paid off an additional £1000 off the mortgage. Another 4 months of doing this and I’ll be able to remortgage for a lower interest rate.

The plan is to try and get a five year fixed interest rate mortgage and at the end of the five years pay off the final settlement.

Monthly Investments

I am still adding £833.33 into my share account on a monthly basis, which is automatically invested into just one fund. This fund I’m currently investing in is the…

HSBC Global Strategy Dynamic Portfolio C

Points to note about this fund

  • It is a fund of HSBC funds
  • The fund is equity based so there are risks attached.
  • It has performed well over the past 5 years.
Net worth and share review March 2017

HSBC 5 Year Performance


Last Month’s Value


This Month’s Value


Share Value Growth 4.24%

Share Code % Growth
BP. -3.30%
GFRD 9.34%
GSK 8.85%
MDHAAJ 8.71%
MDYNAM 6.53%
IAG 13.16%
RGD -3.08%
VVFUSI 3.94%
GSK 8.85%

Some excellent growth from some of the shares including IAG (the owner of British Airways) and GFRD.

It may soon be time to rethink the investment in BP. It has supplied good growth and returns over the past year but the age of fossil fuels may well be over.

Travel Loyalty Clubs

This months travel loyalty update shows a 17000 points jump in Avios and a 30000 jump in IHG points. $301.78
Avios 44605
IHG 116679
Emirates 55600
Lufthansa 7468

Net worth and share review February 2017

That’s it for Net worth and share review march 2017. For more updates on shares and net worth join up to the super newsletter below.



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