Net Worth and Share Review May 2017

It’s time for this month’s instalment of the net worth and share review for 2017. This is the regular look at our finances and progress towards financial independence.

Net worth May 17

Net worth and share review May 2017

Net worth May 2017

This month: £97,005.05

Last Month: £94,445.41

Growth on last month: 2.71%

Well this month was certainly more successful than last month when it came to growing our net worth.

Overall income was slightly limited due to my holiday. My Bricklink store was closed and has remained closed since returning to work. I’m struggling a little for motivation since going back to work and the last thing I needed was any further distractions.

I sold some of my work shares this month; the company has hit record share price this week. I felt now would be a good time to take some of the cash that ties me in with the company and utilise in other investments.

Mortgage Over Payments

A small £300 overpayment was made this month. Although this is a small amount over the term of the mortgage it would save nearly £500 in interest and get the mortgage paid off one month earlier.

Monthly Investments

I continued with the £833.33 monthly investment still going in with the same HSBC fund.

I’m probably going to change my fund in the short to medium term to a fund that is even more adventurous. My thinking behind that is over the next 6 years I need to get as a high a return as possible.

Additional Investments

This month was the second month of investing into the Nutmeg portfolio, once again just a small investment of £100. Growth on the fund has been 0.82% since the start of the investment.


Last Month’s Value


This Month’s Value


Share Value Growth 4.47%

Share Code % Growth
BP. -0.76%
GFRD -9.60%
GSK -1.42%
MDHAAJ -0.42%
MDYNAM 1.06%
IAG 5.78%
RGD 2.82%
VVFUSI 3.47%
GSK -1.42%
Undisclosed 8.06%
Undisclosed 6.51%

Growth for the month sat at just under 4.5% which I would live with if it continues on a monthly basis!

There was some excellent growth from my two sets of shares in the company I work for. This was due to some good quarterly results being released to the stock market.

The biggest loser was Galliford Try. This was the second big hit to the share price in the last 18 months. This time additional costs of £98 million were required to fulfil pre-existing contracts. This £98 million will obliterate two-thirds of their profits for the year. Interestingly this dropped the company value by over £130million. The maths of that simply doesn’t add up. It may persuade me to up my holding.

British Airways parent group IAG had some excellent growth this month. News of their new low-budget airline operating out of Barcelona provided positive growth possibilities going forwards. The company also produced some good profit growth in part due to increasing prices. Recent news of the pricing for WIFI on their 747 fleet also points towards future profit growth.

BP produced some improving results, however, this did absolutely nothing to increase the share price. Shares in companies in the oil industry are struggling with a lack of demand due to the current trends for greener shares. For me in the short-term I will ride the high dividend yields of nearly 7%.

Travel Loyalty Clubs

May $385.49
Avios 700326
IHG 128332
Emirates 55600
Lufthansa 7468

Very little has happened in my loyalty clubs.  It is however nearly nearly time to start booking some long haul business flights to China and Brazil. I have a few BA short-haul flights booked already which should up the Avios.

The additional percentage bonus on the IHG points for having platinum should start to pay off soon as well.

That’s it for net worth and share review for May 2017. If you’d like us to disclose more of details about the stocks we are looking at for the future then send me a message on twitter.



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