Most Used Travel Loyalty Programs

With all the travelling I do for work I tend to get lured in to a variety of the travel loyalty programs. There are so many different options out there, which do you choose. I try to limit the number I use consistently so the benefits stack up a little quicker. Here are the main ones I use and the current benefits they provide.

Travel Loyalty Programs: Airlines

British Airways/Avios

Travel Loyalty Programs

Flying to Cyprus

When I travel for pleasure I’ve been tending to fly with BA lately. Over the years we have used points for free car hire on our honeymoon and free flights to Boston (we ended up changing the booking to Florida). Points are gained mostly from work flights to Europe and my Lloyds bank credit cards also awards points. Some points have also been gained from using internal airlines in Brazil.

Current Total: 34116


Collected mainly through work for flights to Asia including China and Vietnam. Generally I only travel over to Asia once per year so these are a slow build. I plan on getting  a free trip to Dubai from these guys.

Current Total: 40600

Lufthansa/Star Alliance Points

Again this is only really used once per year to travel to Brazil. Some of my previous points got lost in the system in previous years but I’m a little more savvy now.  This program will be used for some internal European flights

Current Total: 7468

Travel Loyalty Programs: The Hotels


I’ve been a member for years but never really pushed myself to collect the points. Over the past two months I’ve been using them quite often. As you can see from my Hotel stay posts at least once per week.  I get automatic gold membership through a credit card although really this has limited benefit. Saving the points for a trip to Asia in three years.

Points: 43697

Formerly my favourite loyalty programme. We used a few “free” nights during our honeymoon. The nights are not a free night as such, but rather a digital coupon worth a certain amount of money. If it covers the whole stay then great. If not it works as a discount. This was great for reducing the cost of hotels in San Francisco. In total we have used 16 free nights from the programme. Saving these nights for a trip to the USA.

Current value: 3 nights ($301)

Travel Loyalty Programs: Car Hire


I have no really affinity with any of the car hire companies. In my mind they are all money hungry sharks. Europcar are the chain I tend to use as I have my details saved already. Therefore I use them for speed of service more than any points benefits.

Which loyalty programmes do you use? Are there any great ones I should consider? Let me know in the comments below.

Favourite Travel Loyalty Programs

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